Year ON! Helpful Hints to surviving a Senior Portrait Session

As we congratulate our 2013 Seniors and send them off to college it is not to early to talk about our 2014 Seniors who are ready to step up into their last year of High School. Having your Senior Pictures taken is an important step in this year and it can make a lot of teens nervous. What should I wear? What should I bring? How should I do my hair? I get asked these questions all the time, so I have come up with a few helpful hints to make Seniors more comfortable in front of the Camera.

Lets start at the top. Try not to get a haircut to close to your senior picture appointment. It is always best to live with a cut for a few days. Just in case it is too short or not what you wanted. This is especially true for boys. I have had many a teen over the years reschedule an appointment because their hair was cut to short.

Don’t experiment with a new hair color just before a High School Senior portrait appointment. Just stick to a color you are already comfortable with. As women, I have tried a new color that I ended up hating, so it is best to experiment well in advance of the appointment. That way you have time to fix it if necessary.

Guys don’t forget to shave your face the day of your Senior picture appointment. Moms seem to like the clean-shaven look and I have had Mom’s run home during appointments and get a razor.

Don’t forget jewelry. If you are changing outfits you may want to change your jewelry to match the outfit. A couple pairs of earrings, one or two necklaces would be nice. If you have a Senior Class Ring don’t forget to wear it. Bracelets are nice, but you may want to remove the plastic charity bracelets for your session. Scarves are really hot right now, so why not bring one and add it to one of your outfits.

As for clothing…keep it comfortable. Try not to where anything really tight. You need to be able to move around and tight clothing can be very restricting. Also, stay away from very large prints. They can bring the eye away from your face and focus it on the print.

Clothing suggestions for girls…a nice top or dress for Senior Yearbook picture. A few tops and a pair of shorts, a skirt, jeans or crop pants for bottom.

For a boy…. Jacket and tie for yearbook picture, button down fitted shirt, golf shirt and a casual T-shirt for up top. A pair of jeans and shorts for the bottom.

Don’t forget your Varsity Jacket, athletic clothing or Uniform if sports were a big part of your life in High School.

Moving on down to your feet.. Make sure your shoes are clean. You don’t want to come in with dirty tennis shoes. Make sure they are comfortable. Nothing worse then trying to smile and look happy when your shoes are hurting your feet. Many girls love the six inch heels, but they can be hard to walk in outside on location. Bring a pair of flats to walk in and change into the heels when you are set in a location.

Don’t forget anything else you would like in your session. I have had teens bring, cars, snow boards, athletic gear, motorcycles, horses, dogs, cats, computers, paints and brushes, and instruments, However, don’t feel like you have to bring something. About 50 percent of my seniors just come with a change of clothes.

Last, but not least, have fun. Take a deep breath and make it an experience to remember. Your last year of High School will be over before you know it, What you will have left are your special memories and lots of great pictures.

I would love to be your senior picture photographer and I have three different sessions available for you to choose from. Please click over to my senior picture page for my sessions and pricing. If you book an Indoor/Outdoor session before September 1st, 2013 you can Save $50.00!

I have lots of exciting News! I have moved the photography studio to Downtown Brighton. You can now find me in the lower level of the White Dress Building, 209 W. Main Street, Suite 103, Brighton 48116. In this new location my standard session’s outdoor portion will be in the Millpond area. Plus, I can now offer Hair and make-up for sessions.

Sessions times are limited and can fill fast, so please don’t hesitate to call and book a session, 810-229-4971.

Thank you for stopping by. Keep smiling!

Judy Anderson

Anderson Studios Photography and Video


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Brighton, MI 48116

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