More Wedding Trends For 2013

More Wedding Trends for 2013!

If you read my last Newsletter or Blog I listed a few of the trends I am seeing at weddings. As promised here are the rest of them…

#4. I have seen my share of beautiful cakes over the years at weddings, but for the last couple of years I have seen more and more couples have a small traditional cake to cut but actually serve cupcakes to the quests- Not just any cupcakes, but delicious specialty cupcakes! At Michael & Gretchen’s wedding in Frankenmuth, MI they had cupcakes baked into beautiful keepsake coffee mugs with their name and wedding date on the mugs as their wedding favors. Janina and Andrew were married this past October and they had the cutest pies! Yes, pies with little hearts baked into them. Andie & Eric were married in November and they had a tree of different flavored cannolis and cupcakes. Don’t get me wrong cakes will never go out of style at a wedding, but by adding something a little different you give people something to talk about after the wedding.

#5. The biggest trends I have seen in actual wedding cakes- are fun toppers. I have photographed toppers with Grooms holding golf bags, hockey equipment, and even couch-potato grooms with remotes in their hands. The bride topper paired with all of these men is always impatient but waiting for her man. Don’t be afraid to call out your man on the wedding day. It is a fun way to let everyone know you will love him no matter what!

Another wedding cake topper trend is the first letter of the last name. I have been seeing this a lot lately; it is so elegant and photographs beautifully.

#6 I haven’t mentioned wedding table centerpieces yet, but the biggest trend I see here is tall, – up –off-the- table arrangements. Many centerpieces do not even have flowers in them but tree branches. The branches have candles hanging from them with crystals or beads. They give an enchanted forest feeling to any wedding.

#7 I am always amazed at how creative couples have gotten with favors or thank you gifts. It use to be if you got anything at all at a wedding it would be an after-dinner chocolate or a piece of cake wrapped in a napkin to take home. Now you may get a small beautiful box of chocolates or a candy bar wrapped with the bride and grooms name and date on it. I have even received Cookies in the shape of the Bride and Grooms First initials and the coffee mug mentioned above. Picture frames are popular. Especially now if they have a photo booth at the wedding. This time of year it is so pretty to give each guest a holiday ornament with the couples name and date as a favor. I was the videographer at a wedding in August where the couple gave a small bottle of Jagermeister (the couples favorite) to each guest. I have seen small wine bottles – and even hot sauce with the bride and grooms name on it.

I am always amazed at how innovative brides and grooms can be. I hope you have found these wedding trends helpful, especially if you have a wedding coming up in the future, Please don’t hesitate to email me at or call me at 810-229-4971 so we can discuss your wedding photography or wedding videography needs.

I cannot possible end a year without thanking everyone that has made it special.

Thank you and Congratulations to all the wonderful wedding couples who I photographed or videotaped in 2012. Thank you and the best of luck to all the High School Graduates I photographed (I will post senior photos on Facebook). Thank you to all my business Clients and dance school’s you are the best. Last but not least thank you to Frank and my wonderful children: Stephanie, Mallory and Dylan. They know all to well the countless hours and dedication I devote to my work and somehow they still love me.

Happy Holidays! I hope 2013 is your best year ever!


Judy Anderson

Anderson Studios Photography & Video


PS. Coming next month engagement photos!

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